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Updated: 03/08/2014

This page is dedicated to all Hot Wheels and other diecast collectors.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy your visit.

My name is Carl Smith and I have been collecting diecast since 1995 (thanks to the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts).
I am from Amarillo, TX.
For feedback purposes, I am also an EBAY auction and Yahoo auction user with username "Cwaterboy1"
I really hate buying from the auction but around here it is very hard to find anything on the pegs.
I also like to trade with other collectors to help out with new finds on my part and theirs.
My sources are limited to 4 Walmarts, Target, TRU, Walgreens and of course the Flea market.

Email me if interested in trading or just chatting at

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