I have only been working on customs for a short time.
I have a couple of pictures, not the best, but I am getting better at customizing.
Recently my time has been spent doing other things.
I will be adding more pictures so please visit every once in awhile to see my creations.

This custom was a 98 FE Tow Jam and 98 FE custom 3500. Both cars where
stripped and cut and bonded together. Some frame adjustments were made.
It then was primed with white and then 2 coats of Boyds Grape Pearl paint.
Then 4 coats of Clear to give the shiny wet deep look.

This Custom is a 98 FE Ford GT-90. Black paint was added to areas of the car
like a police car. A light bar was taken from a Matchbox polce car and mounted
to the top of the car and star decals added and Clear coat for fresh look.

This Custom is a 98 FE Chrysler Thunderbolt. The car was stripped and
sanded and primed with white primer. The car was then painted with a
gold metal flake and clear coated for a nice shinny wet look.
Johnny Lightning real rider wheels were used to complete this custom.

This Custom is a 98 FE Dairy Delivery. The car was stripped and sanded
and primed with gray primer. The first coat of paint was Boyds True Blue
Pearl and second faded coat from front to rear was Boyds Kandy Purple
Pearl and 2 coats of clear. Small details were added such as headlights and
tail lights painted and interior detailed and Racing Champions Gold wheels
added for the awesome look of speed

This Custom is a 97 FE Firebird Funnycar and a Biff Bam Boom Series VW Bug.
Both cars were stripped of paint and cut and bonded to make this cool custom
dragster. The car was sanded and molded and primed with gray primer. There
was some frame adjustments made.The first coat of paint was the Testers Racing
Red and it was buffed to a smooth shinny coat and then 2 coats of Pearl Clear Coat
was aded to give the color change effect.Racing Champions Gold Racing Wheels
were added for the finishing touches.


This custom is a 98 FE Dairy Delivery. This car was nothing more than dyed
with Tangerine RIT Dye. A mixture of dye and water was heated in a micro-
wave for 1.5 minutes or until it starts to boil. The whole car was submerged in
the mixture for about 30-45 seconds and pulled from mixture to be towel dryed
If you notice the tampos are not destroyed in this procedure. No clear coat was
needed to preserve the shiny look.

 This custom is a Artistic License Series VW Bug. This car's tampos were
stripped and paint was not stripped. The car was then disassembled and
Johnny Lightning real riders were then added. The body was then dyed with
Fustia RIT Dye. The car was then reassembled and buffed to a shinny look.

More Customs

I am now testing out a new way of creating decals so my future customs will be more creative.